Devastating social and demographic effects on the Spain population

«2014 will be a bad year for life. We began 2014 with the sad news that this year that the number of abortions in Spain since their legalization in 1985 will surpass the alarming figure of two million procedures, reflecting the magnitude of this tragedy – which will continue to have devastating social and demographic effects on the population,” maintained Eduardo Hertfelder, President of the Institute for Family Policies (IFP). This is just one of the conclusions reached in the report titled «El aborto en España hoy (1985-2012)» (Abortion in Spain Today: 1985-2012), published by the Institute for Family Policies (IFP). According to official sources, a total of 112,390 abortions were performed in 2012, just 6,000 fewer than in 2011, a figure which will raise the total accumulated number of abortions performed in Spain to over 1.8 million abortions (1,805,576) performed since 1985. Spain ranks third in EU-27 after France and the United Kingdom in number of abortions. One out of five pregnancies is terminated, with 308 abortions performed each day in this country, or one every 4.7 minutes or 13 every hour (, 7 Jan. 2014).